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Business as well as management education has transformed the world. It has been a driving force in shaping society and the catalyst behind extraordinary economic growth and opportunity. It has spurred the creation of jobs, the generation of wealth, and access to opportunity for an increasingly diverse population. Management education has produced leaders capable of creating effective organizations that are the core of these profound, global achievements. The value of management education to individuals, organizations, and society is almost incalculable. Owing to this, Master in Business Administration (MBA) is now the most sought after advanced degree in the world. The benefits of management education are measurable and impressive and are evidenced by concrete examples like :

1. It produces well-rounded graduates to strengthen the connection between business and society.

2. It provides graduates for meaningful contributions to organizations engaged in a variety of enterprises and pursuits.

3. It provides significant life-long economic benefit to graduates.

4. It produces cutting edge ideas and theories for better organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

5. It leads to the creation of knowledge essential to the organizations.

6. It provides a fertile environment for the development and incubation of new ideas.

7. It contributes directly to society by its economic development and service.

8. It facilitates access to opportunity and wealth creation to an increasingly diverse population.

With this motto and foresight by the Management, we have started both MBA program, affiliated to Biju Patanaik University and Technology, Rourkella. In addition to this, we have also started different Research activities in Business and Management, leading to Ph.D. The areas of specialization for MBA students are

(1) Human Resource Management

(2) Marketing Management

(3) Financial Management

(4) Retailing Management

(5) Operation Management and

(6) Systems and IT Management.
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